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How to become an Agent

Thank you for contacting Betbiga,
We appreciate your interest in becoming one of our registered agents.

Please note that you need to have all necessary equipment to start up a bet shop.

Examples are your shop, thermal printer, generator, computer(s) and others.

Our offers include 30% weekly commission on profit, with an additional monthly bonus of up to 5% of your GGR.

We also have the commission on stake which is up to 30% as this is determined by the selections per ticket.

We will give you a decoder, a dish and a TV for the virtual games.

The registration fee is 30,000 NGN, and will also be credited into your account upon creation.

To apply as an agent, please visit our website on www.betbiga.com.
From there, please click on the 3 horizontal lines beside the BetBiga logo if you are using a mobile phone, then select Become an agent.
Alternatively, please select "Become an Agent" at the top of our webpage if you are using a computer to access the website.
On the next page, you will get to see the requirements, the benefits and other information which might be helpful.
On the same page, you will also get to see the register tab.
You can as well visit agents.betbiga.com directly on your browser to access the page.
Please click on register and then fill your correct information on the form that appears and submit.
We will then contact you for further information regarding your application.
For further enquiries and assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on our customer support help line 01- 2278761