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How to Register
1. Visit our website betbiga.com (https://www.betbiga.com/en)click on the REGI... more
Account Verification
All BetBiga users are strongly advised to verify their accounts for maximum safe... more
Rules about abandoned, canceled or postponed matches
For abandoned, canceled, or postponed matches, please be informed that you need ... more
How to check a ticket on our website using the Betslip ID
Please get the betslip number of the game you want to check. Go back to the Hom... more
How a customer can get to see his BetBiga User ID
Please login to your account and click on deposit. On the page that appears, pl... more
How to place bets on combinations
Here is how to place a bet on combinations like doubles, triple, four-fold, and ... more
How to place a bet
Here is how to place a bet in sports. To place a bet, choose a sport type (foot... more
How to play with bonus
To stake with the bonus, please proceed with placing a bet and the amount will b... more
Cut One terms
The Cut One offer is based on the following conditions: 1. Should include a min... more
How to rebet a ticket
Please copy the betslip number of the game you want to re-bet. Go back to the m... more
How to Book a Bet
1. Visit betbiga.com (https://www.betbiga.com/en) 2. No need to log into your a... more
Where can I see my previous sports bets
Desktop 1. Log in to your online account 2. Click on “History” by the right co... more